About Us

Established since 2006, the Changing Tides Group" is a confidential global partnership comprising of more than forty specialized companies.

We have a global footprint with representative offices in the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, China, Singapore and South Africa – with Mauritius serving as our Administrative Head Quarters.

Our VISION is to provide actions and solutions across a wide spectrum of critical business sectors, and of which shall ultimately contribute towards the preservation of our planet, its people and nature as a whole.

Our MISSION is to spread goodwill among nations by providing much needed assistance to Developing Countries and by alleviating the plight of poverty-stricken communities.

We operate on the principles of “Integrity”, “Honesty” and “Fairness to All” and are further driven by our sincere compassion towards others and not by “Greed”.

All of our business operations and projects have the elements of Humanitarian and Philanthropy attached to it, and are deliberately structured so as to address the important aspects of job creation, training, skills transfer, education and community development.

The Changing Tides Group has over the years established a significant Investment Fund from which we draw to fund any major project that meets the set criteria as dictated by our Board of Directors.

The Changing Tides Group is geared towards a “Triple P Bottom-line”:

P - Peaople

P - Planet

P - Profit