Business Portfolio

All of the partner companies, business operations and projects within the Changing Tides Group are geared towards making a visible and meaningful difference in our World. We are not motivated solely by Profits, but rather by a sincere Compassion to helping others in need.

We strive to conduct good, honest business and aim to generate fair profits for our investors and other stakeholders alike. Failure is simply not an option to us.

The members of the Changing Tides Group further believe that “Actions speak louder than Words”. Therefore and in order to effectively address matters such as poverty alleviation, job creation and wealth distribution, we have deliberately directed our organizational business to involve multiple sectors and industry and so that maximum impact can be achieved.

The Changing Tides Group follows a holistic and multi-disciplined approach to business – whereby we both Fund and Build the particular projects from start to finish (A-Z) and without putting unrealistic demands to the governments of those countries that we work in.

The following sectors form the core business of the Changing Tides Group:
  • Agriculture and livestock farming – providing for food security
  • Water purification and conservation – providing for water security
  • Infrastructure Development (houses, hospitals, schools, roads, etc)
  • Renewable Energy and “Clean Electricity”;
  • Telecommunications
  • Investment and Financing
  • Fashion and promoting cultures;
  • Information Technology (IT);
  • Health Care, Infection Control and Disease Management;
  • Assisting government with Economic and Social Development;
  • Mass job creation, training and skills development;
  • Education and Literacy of the people;
  • Humanitarian Projects to assist poorer communities;
  • Mining and the development of mineral resources for Economic Growth;
  • Safeguarding and Repairing the Environment;
  • Carbon Sequestration and reversing the adverse affects of Global Warming