Chairman's Notes

Today we find ourselves living in a very challenging and damaged world – all of which offers a very uncertain and bleak future for our children, grandchildren and their children.

There are simply far too much hatred, violence, stupidity and injustices that surround us.

It is in fact us, the Human Race that have ourselves become the singular biggest threat to our future existence on this planet.

Much of what and how we did things in the past did not work!

Whatever we do tomorrow must therefore be different and be done differently!!

There is not time for delay – we have to act TODAY!!!

None of us can afford to sit idle on the sideline and continue to watch silently as our world races towards an absolute catastrophe. There is an absolute responsibility on each and every one of us to take responsibility for our actions and, at the very least, to speak up.

We have created this mess that we find ourselves in. Now we have to fix it – because if we don’t, who will?

Core to the values of the Changing Tides Group is the promotion of peace through our business dealings and in all the regions of the World in which we operate. We carry a sincere compassion for the well-being of all human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, financial status, social background or the color of one’s skin.

We have, in relation to Africa, established our own Foundation of which is completely funded by the Changing Tides Group as a Humanitarian Cause. Click on the related link: Noble African Foundation

Readers are further welcome to follow our official Blog on important Global Affairs. Click on the related link: Noble African Foundation Blog